2017 Schedule and Slides

AAAI 2017 Fall Symposium Series
A Standard Model of the Mind

There will be a mixed format of short talks, panels, and discussions, with an emphasis on discussion and engagement of all participants in the symposium. Our hope is that everyone will read the papers ahead of time, so that lengthy presentations are not necessary.

On the first day, we will have an introductory session, followed by three topic-focused sessions. In each of these topic-focused sessions, there will be short talks (9-10 minutes), with some direct Q&A, followed by a moderated discussion. These sessions will cover the broader crosscutting issues of the symposium, i.e., mapping other architectures onto the proposed standard model; discussions about foundations and requirements for a standard model; and presentations and discussions of alternative perspectives on standard models of the mind.

On the second day, we will have multiple panels focused on specific aspects of the standard model. For each panel, there will be a moderator, who has two responsibilities: (1) give a short, 10-minute overview of the ideas that came up in the relevant papers (an author of each of the relevant papers will be on the panel); and (2) come up with a series of questions for the panel that dive down into the topic in more detail, generating discussion among the panel and the audience. All other panel members on the second day will not have a slot for a prepared talk, but will have the first shot at contributing to the overall discussion.

On the third day, we will synthesize the results of the first day via two sessions, attempting to answer the questions of “Where are we now?” and “Where are we going?” These will include short, integrative presentations, followed by wide-ranging moderated discussions.

Final Schedule (with slides where available)

Session 1 – 9am
Introduction / Mapping of Architectures (part 1) - Rosenbloom

Choi; Epstein

Session 2 – 11am
Mapping of Architectures (part 2) – Rosenbloom

Gobet; Kieras; Rosenbloom; Stewart

Session 3 – 2pm
Foundations and Requirements – Lebiere

Bello; Kralik; Madsen; Rolfe; Sekora

Session 4 – 4pm
Alternative Perspectives – Laird

Forbus; Granger; Verschure

Session 5 – 9am
Lower Level Models – Stewart

Granger; Grossberg; Huyck; Redd; Stewart; Stocco

Session 6 – 11am
Higher Levels and Knowledge – Hinrichs

Hinrichs; Leon; McGregor; Silvey; Taatgen

Metalevels, Reflection and Consciousness – Bello
Bello; Jackson; Laird

Session 7 – 2pm
Long-term Memory – Kelly

Choi; Kelly; Lieto; Rosenbloom

Procedural Control – Stocco
Colder; Kieras; Lebiere; Stewart; Stocco

Session 8 – 4pm
Visual/Spatial/Imagery – Peebles

Epstein; Granger; Kunda; Peebles

Motivation, Affect, Mood, Physiology – West
Dancy; Gajderowicz; Rosenbloom; West

Evening Plenary – Stocco

Session 9 – 9am
Where are we now? – Laird

Summary of consensus and disagreement

Session 10 – 11am
Where do we go? – Lebiere

Future steps and road ahead